Go spelunking, discover new shapes, and return to the surface transformed!

Speleomorph is a nonlinear puzzle game made for Metroidvania Month 16, inspired by the Shapeshifting theme.


  • Keyboard
  • Modern web browser (tested with Firefox 101, Chrome 102, and Safari 15.5)

How to Play

All controls are listed onscreen. If you're stuck, revisit earlier areas and consult the map with M. You can undo unlimited moves with Z, but you only need undo at an obvious impasse.

There are some alternate controls: Move with arrow keys or WASD; confirm a transformation with Enter, X, or Space; cancel a transformation with the number of your current shape or Esc.

Tools and Resources Used

  • Coded with vim
  • Graphics made with paint.net and GIMP
  • Uses the monogram font, with some modifications
  • Some text rendered with Arial from The Monotype Corporation
  • Powered by fukamushicha
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags2D, blocks, Metroidvania, Puzzle-Platformer, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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This is a really clever and fun puzzle game. I enjoyed that a lot. 


Bravo! What a great mechanic, well explored. There seems to be some sort of limitation I don't understand regarding transformation (it isn't just "at least one square of new form overlaps at least one square of old form), but I was able to work around that. One careless transformation meant I had to do the final climb a second time, but the serial contorting was enjoyable enough that I didn't mind.

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Thanks, glad you liked it! For reference the full rule is: at least two adjacent squares are shared between forms. Hopefully it's possible to get by just cycling through the options to pick up an intuitive sense of it.


Ah, that makes sense. I hadn't paid close enough attention to figure out that rule. The couple times it seemed I couldn't progress I realized I probably needed a different piece to progress, which encouraged me to explore further.


Should've been more highly ranked imo.

WOW this is amazing, at the very start i was thinking that this is gonna be terrible because the movement was a bit clunky and it didn't look that great but oh my god it turned out to be so amazing. Really made me think. 

This was a pretty neat experience, with a surprisingly engaging (and clever!) central mechanic! Nicely done! ^_^

Finished with 8 shapes and the feeling that more should be possible (though unnecessary)

This is extremely clever.

can someone please help me?
I have been trying all kinds of things for a while and got almost everything but I jsut cant find the number 5 shape (which should basically be a left mirrored L).
and I dont see any way to continue without having this shape :-(

would be great if someone could give me a hint on where or how to get this final shape :-/

nevermind, found it! :-)

wait where was it I'm having trouble finding it as well