Transformation mechanic tip

I've finally added a bit of tutorial text to the game to explain how transformation works: The new shape must share two adjacent blocks with the current shape.

People have been telling me this was an issue since I first released Speleomorph, but I've been reluctant to make any change, and uncertain that I could explain it helpfully. In the last few weeks, thanks to several YouTube playthroughs and a few in person playtests, I've finally seen enough frustration and confusion that I had to try something. Plenty of players were able to figure out the actual puzzles just fine, but by the end they still didn't understand the mechanic, which led to a lot more thrashing than I intended.

I settled on this message: "Tip: New shape must share two blocks". That doesn't tell the whole rule, but the "adjacent" part doesn't come up often, and it needed to be telegraphic to fit on one line. Like other tutorial messages it's animated to draw attention. Hopefully it won't be too distracting as it is only displayed when the player is likely confused: When a shape is chosen that can't work at all, or after cycling through all possible positions for one shape.

Thanks to all who've tried it so far and suffered through the wrong kind of difficulty, I wish I'd heeded your comments earlier. Hopefully it's not too late to improve the experience for future players!

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